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Nobody loves theology more than I do, and nobody hates eschatology (end-times teaching) more than I do. Well, I guess I don’t hate eschatology so much as I can’t stand how confusing it is.

Well, that’s over—kinda—thanks to the innovation of Josh Byers. He’s compiled information related to the three main Christian views of the end of the world and presented them in an easy to read/understand infographic.

This will definitely be a go-to resource for me in the future:


You can download a Letter or Poster size version of the graphic for free, though Josh has made it possible to purchase the sources files, a hi-res PDF, or even a professional print. Check it out.

Let’s be civil, but what view to you adhere to?

Did this infographic help you understand your view or the opposing views any better?

[via Blogging Theologically and Josh Byers]

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